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Grass Valley Pavilion Restoration & Rejuvenation Project

Goal of the Restoration Project:  To provide a safe, welcoming environment for our citizens and visitors alike by restoring and expanding the historic Pavilion for community and private event use.

Join us annually in November for the Max Nogle Dinner Dance & Auction! Festivities include a meal, live auction and live music! Come check out the newest updates that have been completed in the Pavilion! 

Located just off of Highway 97, the community Pavilion is a clearly visible landmark that unifies and symbolizes not only the community of Grass Valley, but of Sherman County as well. The Pavilion is a much beloved historic structure built circa 1916, and is the site for large gatherings and community events.

The Pavilion is over 100 years old and the overall goal of the City of Grass Valley along with the Pavilion Restoration Committee has been to restore the Pavilion to its former glory and to renovate the structure to meet current needs and standards for a community gathering space.

Since 2012, the roof, floors, walls, windows, insulation, electrical and plumbing have all been updated, including the addition of a heating system and two restrooms inside the pavilion! There is currently a renovation taking place of the kitchen that will be completed this summer.


There are still rental dates available if you're looking for a wonderful building to host your next event! You can now rent the Pavilion online, just click in the link above or visit

You can also get more information by calling or texting Whitney (City Administrator) at 541-993-2929 or fill out the Pavilion Rental Agreement Form on the Forms page of the website and send it to: or

PO Box 191, Grass Valley, OR 97029.

Follow the Facebook page for Events, Updates & Pictures! 
Grass Valley Pavilion Restoration & Rejuvenation Project | Facebook


Trusses on both sides, and insulation going in!

Phase one of construction: brand new roof trusses.

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